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Field Technician Tool Kit in Roto-Rugged Tote, 8" Wheeled Case
Item Id: E1996
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The Evans Tools E19 Series Field Technician Tool Kit is our most popular and best-selling tool kit. This tool kit comes with high quality hand tools for handling the toughest jobs.
This kit includes:
6- Slotted Screwdrivers Groove Joint Pliers 7"
4- Phillips Screwdrivers Reversible Retaining Ring Pliers
Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver Penlight Flashlight (2AA)
7pc Jeweler's Screwdriver Set 3-32" Center Punch
Double Ended Screwdriver Pin Punch 1/16"
Feeler Gauge Set Pin Punch 1/8"
4oz Ball Peen Hammer Scribe
Inch Hex Key Set (.050 - 5/32) 1/4" Drive Socket Set 14pc
Metric Hex Key Set (1.5 - 6mm) Solder Iron (25W)
Torx Key Set (T6 - T25) Solder Aid, Fork and Hook
Series 99 Regular Handle Spring Tools, Pull and Push
9- Nutdriver Blades (3/16 - 1/2) 2 Alignment Tools
Electricians Knife 6" Stainless Steel Rule
Inspection Mirror Reverse-Action Tweezers
Long Nose Pliers 4.75" Combo Stripper, Crimper, Cutter
LongNose Pliers w/Cutter 6.75" V Stripper
Diagonal Cutting Pliers 4.25" 6" Adjustable Wrench
Diagonal Cutting Pliers 5.25" Ignition Wrench Set (8pc)
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