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E72 Series Communications Tool Kits

E72 Series Communications Tool Kit

E72 Series Communications Tool Kit

For the communications technician, this kit contains 61 telecom and datacom-specific tools, which are most of the tools you will ever need! Add a few of the optional items listed below to customize this kit to fit your exact needs. Small and lightweight, the E72 series kit is versatile enough to keep up with even the most demanding communications technicians.

Add Test Equipment to your kit.
Test Equipment
Don't forget these great additions:
Tone & Probe Sets
Punchdown Tools
Tone & Probe Punchdown Tool

This kit includes:

  • Slotted Pocket Clip Screwdriver
  • Phillips Pocket Clip Screwdriver
  • 2-in-1 Reversible Screwdriver
  • Offset Ratcheting Screwdriver
  • Jeweler’s Screwdriver Set, 5pc
  • PH/SL Screwstarter
  • Penlight Flashlight (2AA)
  • Straight Hemostat, 6"
  • Fold-up Hex Key Set (Inch)
  • Xcelite Blade Handle, Regular
  • 9 Nutdriver Blades (Inch)
  • 6 Screwdriver Blades (3SL, 3 PH)
  • Electrician's Knife and Scissors
  • Combo Inspection Mirror/Magnet
  • Mini Needle Nose Pliers, 4-1/4"
  • Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 4-1/4" and 5"
  • Groove Joint Pliers, 7"
  • Wiring Pliers with Tip Cutter, 5-1/2"
  • Spring Tools, Push and Pull
  • Wire Strippers, 16-26 AWG
  • Wire Strippers, 22-30 AWG
  • Trimpot Adjustment Tool
  • Spudger
  • Reverse Action Tweezers
  • Insert/Extraction Tool
  • JPAIR Adapter, 6-Wire
  • Phone Outlet Tester
  • ESD Wrist Strap
  • Stainless Steel Rule, 6"
  • Adjustable Wrench, 6"