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Custom Kits

Have you found purchasing tools to be painful?

  • Ever looked for a tool set, only to find you spent money on tools you’ll never use?
  • Ever used a case with layout that was hard to use?
  • Ever needed tools from two kits in one?
  • Ever needed a tool kit with spots for specialty tools only you use?
  • Ever needed a comprehensive FOD program?

Evans Tools specializes in the answer to all of these common, money saving needs: Custom Tool Kits.

  • Save money by purchasing only the tools you actually want and need
  • Minimize the space dedicated to multiple toolboxes
  • Keep your specialty tools safe by integrating them in a tool case
  • Minimize loss with locations for individual tools, allowing ease in identifying missing tools

Common Considerations:

Q: Aren’t custom kits extravagantly priced?
A: No! Evans Tools specializes in custom tool kits, meaning our process is streamlined, we maintain close relationships with multiple big-name quality vendors, and we are experienced in common needs, yet able to involve innovation. All of this means minimal overhead cost and more “bang for your buck.”

Q: We require all tools to be made in the USA (or NAFTA, etc.). Won’t that add to the price and time until delivery?
A: You’re not alone! We already build kits with the same or similar requirements. We already have good relations with domestic vendors, cutting out time and costs dedicated to that function. We are also constantly reviewing prices and quality, updating to bring you the best tools for the best price. But don’t worry, we retain relations so we can continue to provide replacement tools if you need them.

Custom Tool Kits made by Evans Tools, the cost efficient solution for quality companies.

Start building your kit now!